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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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asking the cdc for 1000 tests and that's to test pregnant women who may have traveled abroad and had symptoms like a rash, fever, aches and pains. he wants to help mom, the baby and initiate a conference call that's to educate the medical community, the hospitals, those who care for pregnant women and the other thing for the department of health to buy 4000 more test kits for the cases. that's a different test f someone comes back they think they have been infected. they can test them. now he says we have 100 million tourists, 20 million people here. we may need more down the line. they'll start with 4000, linda, they have ordered them and they are been procured now. >> good to hear. what if someone is not pregnant, returning from an affected country s there any advice? >> reporter: yes works very to
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someone is identified and does have the virus, they need -- it needs to be sprayed. the people around the person t is important for that person to seek care. i asked the governor what if that person thinks that, perhaps, they cannot afford the care. he said the health department will help them out. but to seek care. we had the dallas calls, remember a sexually transmitted zika virus case that happened very recently. the cdc is trying to get their head around it. they are trying to figure out what to do. i asked dr. armstrong, if you have someone coming back and thinking of getting pregnant. what should you. do this is what he had to say >> because this transmission in dallas is so recent, the cdc is continuing to investigate the situation in order to offer the best advice.
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what the symptoms are and reflect carefully about the behaviors. >> they may have to do with having sexual relations with someone but just protect yourself from mosquitoes. you don't want to get bitten. 80% of people are asymptomatic the last thing you want to do is get bitten, have someone else get bitten and cluster and contract the virus. the cases of zika are popping up, departments and hospitals are flooded with questions from women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. and crystal clark stopped by bay shore to see what the worries are. >> reporter: dr. marilyn fudge an ob-gyn is used to get questions on what to expect when are you expecting. but breaking down the zika virus to patients especially those travel something something new, the question is, is this anything i should worry about even if they are taking a trip
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if that is okay. >> concerns have grown since the world health organization declared it to be a problem and proof that it causes birth detects. some want to know when they're most at risk. >> during the first trimester or early parts of the pregnancy so that would mean very early on prior to 13 to 14 weeks of being pregnant. many women are thinking about the long term effects. is this something that will stay in the blood stream and will it affect them if they breast feed, the answer is. >> no the benefits outway the risk. there are no known cases through breast milk, breast feed. >> for women looking to get pregnant there is no need to worry. researchers believe the virus clears itself from the body a week after infection. like any that spreads quickly people want to know that they're
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>> there is chicken gunya. when we have something that comes into florida, people want to get tested to make sure they don't have it. >> but hospitals do not keep a zika test on hand because it is rare. only people exhibiting signs, such as rashes, will qualify for a blood test n st. pete, crystal clark, fox 13 news. >> 20% of the patients show symptoms like body aches, pains, fever, nausea, the symptoms appear two to 12 days after the mosquito bite and go away within a week. we're following a developing investigation out of northport. a suspicious death. the body of a man was found near 75 at exit 182. he was in a wooded area. police are trying to identify them and what led up to the death. >> slow go for commuters. look at dale mabry a while ago.
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paul is tracking that and the cool down on the way. >> the first day of the fair and look, we have some rain, the good news is that it moves out for tomorrow. sunshine tomorrow and dramatically cooler, 64 degrees now. this is a look at the bay shore camera, clouds. water droplets. about 20 degrees cooler now than it was yesterday afternoon. sty tower is very active. this band of rain is in conjunction with a cold front that's moving down the peninsula. we'll see rain tonight and by tomorrow the winds will shift and the weather will improve dramatically but it will be cooler. that's the headline for the 7-day forecast it is cooler temperatures on the way. let's zoom in. you have light rain central hillsborough west. moderate rain in pinellas. you have rain in pasco. brooksville has moderate to heavy rain.
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that is continuing up into citrus county and there is still more rain to go. and pinellas. western pasco. light to moderate rain. we look over the gulf. northeast a ways to go. a couple more hours of rape as the rain shifts to the south tonight. gets in the highlands county. we clear. tomorrow and saturday significantly cooler and the 7-day forecast is kind of nippy. we'll have that coming up at 5:20 back to you. >> thank you. a woman in citrus county facing charges for having a sexual relationship with a teenaged boy. 195-year-old told detectives that his bipartisan with diane day started when he was 14 and lasted about a year. day is facing two counts of lewd battery and detectives have not said how they met but her bond is at $10,000.
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for went into a publix and filled the car with red bull and five-hour energy drinks and left without paying. he got $800 worth of energy drinks. they suspect the same person is respond for similar crimes at other publix locations in hillsborough within 24 hours. detectives are trying to track down the guys robbing businesses. they say the pair hit a speedway and a munchies store within hours of each other. one of the robberies caught on video smashing out the doors in front and took off with a couple of empty cash register boxes and beer. anyone with information is urged to call the sheriff's office. it has been years since a hotel opened in the heart of sarasota. it will open for guests. there is a lot of construction
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the loft is one of three that will open in the area. >> sarasota downtown has needed a hotel like this. and it is a place that is about technology, music, lighting, art, something like sarasota has never seen and a destination they will talk about for years to come. >> and it offer as rooftop pool where you can see downtown. they started accepting reservations and a quarter of the hotel booked for opening night. well, critics, comics and pundits taking a jab at jeb bush. he is in the fight of his political life but an awkward moment on the campaign trail. and craig patrick is here i did say ouch. donald trump. >> he was tagged as the low energy candidate and finding
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rallies with that in mind. and jeb bush should not have done this. >> i think the next president needs to be quieter but send a sill that we're prepared to act in the national security interests of the country to get back of creating a peaceful world. please clap. >> yeah and it does not help when the camera guy just forgot to or lost interest in following him around on the stage. this plays into donald trump's narrative here that he has -- he has lackluster crowds. now five days before a primary for jeb bush and he is fighting second or third. >> and speaking of donald trump
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cruz accusing him of stealing the eye caucus. and ted cruz and the campaign spread false rumors and ben carson was giving it up. wait a minute he had to lift them away. >> and we need to have another caucus and election here and recourse. trump is not letting go of this. maybe it helps him stay in the news cycle and in new hampshire but i think that cruz in laughing it off saying that donald trump is going on a trumper tantrum. he needs to focus on new hampshire looking forward and instead of looking back based on what we have seen in the past couple of days. >> thank you. >> a data breach is under
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the personal information that hackers managed to get access to. food, fun, rides, games at the fair. and lots of stuff to check out this year. stay with us. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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it rained today so you know what that means.. must have been opening day of the florida state fair! it seems to rain every year on opening day! 3 (cynthia) it's the 112th year of the fair.(linda) it is on, right, mike. >> we're inside i have to show you this, this is cool. >> you have one here and that was 1:15 today. it is old. >> she was born this morning and 11:45. this is all in the maternity
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one of the many cool exhibits and more fun things to do. >> it is changing. >> and to is tough to win. or not. >> some of the games require strength. >> there is plenty more to do. >> one of the experiences at the state fair the butterfly encounter and the giant enclosed net here and 250 butterflies six different species here and including the butterflies. can you feed them, touch them and interact and a unique
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>> there are some games that require skill. >> which i have none. >> it is all choice, choice, choice. >> and the ward you have the baby goats here can you feed and great things to do and at 6:00. we have the actual human food which is my favorite part. you that can try, they have the slobbery tongues. i don't mean to get your goat. [ laughter ]
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things are you about 0 for 3. >> 0-3. >> see if i win. >> is this a work day you just are having fun. >> i don't know. >> that is again. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> you see what they were doing today out there, you know. >> work. >> and asking for a comp day. we'll be out there saturday. >> and the rain that is behind me and long gone and let's take a look tomorrow and midday and then you see what happens, the rain rapidly approached from the
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the front is south. >> and a record of 84 degrees a bunch of 50s and 60s. and it is on the way. i tell you the evening commute is not good moderate to heavy rain in most spots nothing inland from about plant city east and south but rain on the way for you as well. >> that extents into pasco and brooksville and down 50. and 19 rain is in citrus county
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pretty stead. and shifting to the east. as i said, this is simply a band of rain with the cold front it will slide to the east and the southeast tonight. the front has triangles. the clearing line is to tallahassee. we clear up nicely when they move in. look behind it and look to the west and the northwest.
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can you find the front. tampa and it is cooler and panama city t is a front here that will push the air to the south. and becoming gusty. we'll see how this played out south and east. high pressure building in behind it there could be a spell of
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many days of chilly temperatures it will turn cloudy for a time. >> and the wind and the next tide is a high tide. check out the forecast. low pay that's the life for many florida farm workers. tonight at 6:00. why were they sprayed and told
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top of the our. a skimming device. in 2016 it is a rapid refund. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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under investigation at the university of central florida . a data breach is under way at the university of central florida. they got access to 63,000 social security numbers including current and former students, staff and security. the school has state of the art security it is impossible to keep up with the growing hacking technology. >> i'm kind of nervous i think i have fall non-a category for the o -- fallen into a category for the ops. >> letters are going out to those affected. it is crunch time for the irs, crunch in all the computers crashed. >> that's a big deal. let's go to chris chmura will it prevent us from filing. the irs does not prevent disruptions but delays are down. the irs blamed a hardware failure for the outages and left
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and filing came to a halt. that's important most people file electronically these days not just on paper. others like a pin or retreiving an old return shut down starting yesterday and we're down today. it isic maaing repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. in the meantime the irs said that you can use programs like turbo tax and h and r block to finish the return. can you complete the numbers those services can hold your 1040 and file it when uncle sam's mainframe returns to 100%. the possibility of a data breach is the first thing that entered my mind when i heard about this. the good news the irs said that it is safe. and it appears to be up. >> and they cannot keep up with
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>> and we got the w-2. we just got them in the mail and imagine a lot of people. and they processed 14 million returns. and if they lost one day that could be troublesome. here is the big question for everyone out there. i know you want to know this. if you are able to file get on. will that affect getting the refund. >> that's what everyone wants to know. let's assume the irs gets on track they tell us that just about everyone here we're talking about the majority, 90% of us should get you our fun back a 21-day wait ten minutes ago and the same thing within three weeks. and maybe there could have been
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>> and more than 150 million refunds. >> that's impressive. if it holds. it should be 20. >> tick tock. >> he is one of the most hated men. and martin skreli did nothing to change that perspective. when he went before congress. >> gator versus gator. how is this turn out a wild fight captured by the viewers.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
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pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. it is not okay to murder a child. >> it is better left a doctor and her faith. >> and a rally was crashed in lakeland and they are protesting bills moving through the legislature that strip funding. and it is aimed at clinics providing elective abortions. and.
5:28 pm
support of her own and pro life activists. >> it is regulated like other clinics that performed procedures now planned parent hood this is another example of politicians int entering in the lives. the clinics lose funding and they will not be able to provide other critical services to women. >> that's the only access they have to primary care. >> having your planned parent hood as a center that provides non-judgmental care is the gateway to ensuring health in other ways. >> it is a business decision of an organization if they want to receive the state funding they -- the organization doesn't need to do the eborings.
5:29 pm
stop theirselvess. >> she is saying there can you go ahead with providing the other services but you cannot provide electionive abortions with state money. she says there are many other clinics that can step in to provide the other health services and it decides it cannot operate under the guidelines. the house and the senate versions of the bills appear poised to pass mostly along party lines. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, chris. a judge denied bail for a student in the death of a 13-year-old girl. natalie keepers appeared for a hearing. she is charged with being an accessory to murder. a fellow student is charged in the death. he is accused of kidnapping and stabbing nicole lovell. the teens planned the kidnapping and killing of the girl buying cleaning supplies at separate stores and hiding her body in the trunk of a vehicle. so far prosecutors have not suggested a motive for the
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there may be evidence, explosives caused the explosion offer a jet from somalia. investigators say what is residue from the explosives on the plane. the ceo of the airlines told the associated press it is too soon to ultimately say a bomb was to blame. the airline has primarily suspended operations in the somali capital following the incident it was carrying 74 passengers. one remains unaccounted for. lawmakers didn't get much out of martin skreli. he is dubbed the most hated man in america after raising the price of a plug from 15-dollars to 750-dollar as pill. remember that? at a hearing today on the drug pricing, he rolled his eyes and refused to answer the questions. >> what do you say to that
5:31 pm
aids, no income she needs the drug to survive. what do you say to her pen she has to make that choice. what do you say to her. >> on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment right and decline to answer the question, that's what he did, he arrested on bond. ,. >> he called the people in congress imbecile. a liner may set sale and overhaul the ss united states. it has been in philadelphia for 20 years n the glory days in the 1950s it carried everyone from royalty to emigrants the renovations are going to cost $700 million. >> up next and homeowners there has been a cancer outbreak among
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is to blame. florida is hammering people. i don't care how good are you.
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my tempur-pedic cuddles better than my husband does... ...but that's just between you and me. it's really cool to the touch. r at mattress firm, get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. 3 (cynthia/ michigan lawmakers are moving quickly michigan lawmakers are moving to start approving money to help the flint residents deal with the contaminated water. they approved 30 million to pay the bills of those facing nothing but lead contaminated water supply. that bill passed by the michigan senate the day after the governor announced it. it goes to the house and that
5:35 pm
week. homeowners in a neighborhood in houston are raising concerns about their water. the concern there is not led but cancer. and we have more. >> everyone has the same thing. >> reporter: now win roy griffin cuts hair that's not about politics and sports but the cancer stalking the neighborhood. >> we're losing people. cancer. as well. he lives in the chase wood which is near the toll road and the beltway. it is under attack. there may not have been a study. see if there is this area of chase wood drive. and he died of cancer. she has cancer as well.
5:36 pm
the fellow there he has cancer as well. >> his name is graham lloyd he has cancer. he doesn't believe it is a coincidence either. >> i don't think my own opinion, is that cancer clusters are coincidence, i think they are hard to prove but i think and what the lab tests say. >> with the lab tests said that the water here was radioactive. the area was part of the jurisdictional territory. at the time it got water from the mud and the mud used ground water. houston tested the water. the tests showed it was over the epa standard for raidas. the city shut down the wells and found another water source. how did this happen?
5:37 pm
need on environmental quality. >> at some way along the process, the process failed for the community. >> brown said they need to find out how many people have cancer here and if other areas have cancer rates. as for roy, he hopes he will beat the odds. >> and it is really tough to deal with. you don't know it is always something that is in your mind and when will it be your turn. will you be next. >> in southwest houston. >> lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the texas commission on environmental quality. >> chip. >> you know there is a fantasy football league where the pressure is on not to finish first because that is a bonus. this football league has a different focus. if you don't have a season you could be standing on a street
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we have it i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that
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time to check out what's trending...(linda) trending. >> have you wondered what is going on behind the scenes of a live show. >> i was thinking when paul does weather. the things you do. >> this is a look in the control room from sunday's grease live.
5:41 pm
>> grease lightning. >> shot one, three bars. 2, 32, 3, 22412 three shot, two bars. 23423412. >> a snap to it. >> a beat to the directing. >> this is the associate director given the behind the scenes look. she said every shot in the show is designed by the director and to execute that. she is calling the shot numbers and the moves. and it is like i was talking to a director she is keeping battle with the music. so the shot changes. >> impressive. >> when i do the weather, cut, cut, cut. move on. >> next, next. >> and chip, chip, cut, cut, get paul dellegatto off. that's what it sounds like, not as good as grease. >> this is what a viewer says to us. and the clearwater is in the
5:42 pm
and the right time yesterday you don't see this very often. if you see it you don't have a camera handy. i'm guessing this is two male gators that one is not happy being in the territory. mating season is next month. >> they are not just wrestling. it is basically the, this is not big enough for us. >> one of you is going. >> i have never seen that. it is kind of fierce, isn't it. >> you see like on the national geographic. >> yes. >> sair maya johnson good shooting there. you get some hits, he did. >> i'm hoping that they -- they survived that encounter. we love the video like that. >> so send it to my facebook page there and tweet me at cynthia smoot. >> or my facebook page. i have those posted if you would like to share them with your friends. go to
5:43 pm
me on linda hurtado. >> i follow you. >> welcome back. >> were you back. back here yesterday. >> i was. >> i love the pictures that you post. ky not get enough. i have the best you viewers it is all viewer participation, that's good, you don't know where to start. >> it is vike an art page. >> every day it is better. >> it is about the viewers. big changes are on the -- it is like an art page, every day it is better. >> it is all about the viewers. and a wall of water from the west. you can see the clouds thickening they lower here we go with the areas of heavy rain they are continuing now. that's impressive. this is in conjunction with a front a winter front that will move down the state, a huge change tomorrow and the front is literally over us now. moderate to heavy rain up to
5:44 pm
it is still dry from about lakeland east and lakeland south but if you are watching us in winter haven and lake wales. bartow. the rain heading your way. can you see the rain is moving northeast as the line itself begins to shift to the east and the southeast. we zoom in. there is heavy rain over st. pete now. that's moving over the bay. it should be in toom. there is rain in pinellas and light to moderate from dade city up to brooksville. ridge manor. citrus is wet. light rain with embedded heavier showers. if you are are watching us in manatee and sarasota. there is a batch of rain off the coast. i want to add that you have the reds. that none of this is severe. there could be lightning a rumble of thunder. we'll not get this with the line. other rain is heading up to orlando.
5:45 pm
midnight obviously ending rapidly along the west coast and taking a while to end up across the counties. we draw the front with the line behind it a definite change and this is our weather not only for tomorrow and a couple of days but most of next week simply looks chilly as the dry air kind of whips in on the backside of the front. the temperatures now range from the 50s up in the panhandle and beginsville 54. key west. 80 in the middle. we have mid-60s. the cool and dry air will plunge to the south on the backside. rain for a time tonight. clearing late and turning cooler we have sunshine. breezy. cooler and 58. and cloudy a few light showers the low develops east of us and
5:46 pm
after that, next week, it looks cold. no more 70s. no 80s. we have 40s and 50s and turn colder thursday and friday. so certainly a touch of winter the next five to 7 days. >> welcome back yourself. nice to have you back. everyone is getting together now. the rays have been trying to schedule a game or at least some in cuba against the national team. now they are this close to getting one game in against the national team on march 22nd. at first it was supposed to be two over a weekend. now it is a quick two day trip in and out with a game in late march. and the team played in cuba was 1999. baltimore played one in cuba and the team played one up in baltimore and nothing definite yet and we'll keep you posted. you know i keep saying it. it is worth repeating and the conference playoff race is. the lightning beat detroit they tick over second place.
5:47 pm
just three points better than pittsburgh in the last spot. pick it up. the power play and this is even strength. jt brown off the post it is 1-0. they power it there. now detroit comes back to tie the game at one. >> and tyler johnson open on the right side a perfect shot 2--- 2-1. in the third. light on the power play again. watch number 86 coming from the outside. outed of the break. lightning win it 3-1. and we're not sure what kind of a start they would have out of the break. >> and they're a good team and you never know and longer than ours, you never know we have been playing well.
5:48 pm
did you want to lay off we'll take it any day. it just -- you need the break especially the rigors of the season with the player goes through. to come up with a win especially the team that are you battling with. it was big for us. >> this is how usf's courtney williams is. she played h a chance to reach 2000 points, on the last basket of the night the three pointer. congrats. she finished with a double-double. brings down 15 boards the win over cincinnati. she is just in program history. >> and i was hyped. and my teammate whispered.
5:49 pm
and the play and the shot. >> i felt if we can get her open and get a crack at it and it will be special. the coaches can run whatever system but at the end of the day it is kids making the shooting t is about the players. >> you know in fantasy football the emphasis is on wednesday. take the championship and bragging rights the best. there is one insurance company where the league to win. but do you not want to finish last, this is christian bergstrom. he cannot handle a roster. and he probably cannot play fantasy football at all because he loses the league and he finished last. and he spent two hours to let everyone know this means that in that league winning would not be the focus. not finishing last would be the focus.
5:50 pm
butfy was playing in the league and finished next to last i would be celebrating as if i won it. he would not hit the street. where wear that sign. i'm laughing apt our director he could wear that for eight straight years. >> you know what he is probably not the only one out here if i had to in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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3 america is becoming america is becoming hypnotised by the oj simpson case.
5:52 pm
viewers tonight with anything related there is controversy. and we're tracking the story. >> and now oj's manager is taking us inside the state of mind and how it is bringing heart ache for the children. it will effect them the most. keeps in contact with helm behind bars, i have tried to keep them out of the media where
5:53 pm
>> oj's private children, justin and sidney are being revictimized by fx. >> this is causing think problems. you saw sidney she was if the tabloids. they took pictures. she wants to live her life for two months they are going to have to deal with her dad being called a murderer. it is a nightmare i'm sure. >> it's not just the children he has a problem with. >> he doesn't look like oj. >> whatever he says there. >> it pisses me off. >> we'll have more on this on the insider back to you. >> and the 6:00 news is next. now another city may be getting rid of them. at 6:00 why the council members
5:54 pm
drones can be a nuisance. tonight see the unique way a police department is planning on
5:55 pm
news rolls we didn't prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> that's the governor coming to tampa bay to talk about the zika virus. >> they know what they are doing t is up to us to protect us. >> skimmers strike again where
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can you own a piece of history
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